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Brigitte Garza Attorney at Law, PLLC

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Brigitte Garza is an attorney who knows and understands immigration issues on both a personal and professional level. Mrs. Garza is herself a first-generation American, the daughter of Mexican immigrant parents, Rodolfo and Rebeca Garza, from Morelos, Coahuila and Durango, Victoria Mexico. Mrs. Garza has been representing clients providing immigration counsel to all types of clients from around the World – they are spouses, fiancés, parents and children of US citizens or lawful permanent residents.

Criminal Defense

Mrs. Garza’s also represents clients charged with criminal cases. Her reputation as an aggressive criminal defense lawyer precedes her in trials and often results in plea negotiation or dropped charges.

As a criminal defense attorney, she knows how to negotiate outside the courtroom and advocates relentlessly for clients in trial. Attorney Garza’s formidable combination of experience and fearless litigation has led her to experience great success individually.  


Family Immigration

Family immigration

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Permanent Residency

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Federal Crimes

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Criminal Defense
Five Star Review

“I am beyond content with the service that Brigitte Garza has provided me.  I’ve acquired her service on three separate occasions to renew my DACA permit and each time I’m surprised with the turnover time.  She has always been able to renew my permit in a very timely manner!  Mrs. Garza is always very professional and courteous.  I know that I can always count on her and feel very protected with her on my side.”

Yazmin *****

Five Star Review

“Mrs. Garza helped my children and I during one of the most difficult times in our lives.  She helped me and my children obtain our Permanent Resident Cards through the VAWA.  I could not have prayed for someone more understanding and compassionate with my case.  Mrs. Garza guided me through this difficult process every step of the way.  I highly recommend Brigitte Garza for any immigration issues you may have.”

Mrs. Gonzalez *****

Five Star Review

“La abogada Briggite Garza es la mejor abogada de inmigración que conozco, ella a llevado el caso de mi hijo, de mi esposo y mio, ella siempre te habla con las verdad, es honesta, responsable y siempre esta actualizada en cuanto las leyes, yo confío plenamente en ella, yo he recomdado sus servicios a algunos amigos e incluso estos me hablan a mi para darme las gracias por recomendarla con ellos,  porque quedan muy satisfechos con sus servicios al igual que yo, me consta que es una persona de buen corazón pero guerrera cuando se trata de defender a un cliente. Briggite Garza es la major.”

Sra. Leal  *****

Five Star Review

“I hired Ms. Garza to emigrate my three children from Mexico.  It was a very confusing process for me but Ms. Garza made it stress free and easy for me.  She explained every step and was very understanding when I had so many questions.  When my children and I had the appointment in Ciudad Juarez, Ms. Garza was always available to guide us and answer all my questions from Mexico.  I always recommend to anyone who has immigration cases or criminal matters.  She is currently working on other legal matter for me and my family.  She is very knowledgeable and trusting.”

Urbiola *****

Five Star Review

“Mrs. Garza had my drug charge dismissed.  She was very professional and always kept me informed of my case throughout the entire phase of the process.  She is very professional, honest and cares about her clients.  What I liked most of her representation is that she always spoke to me with the TRUTH she never sugar coated anything.  She was compassionate but truthful.”

Mark   *****

Five Star Review

“I was charged with a very serious offense of Sexual Assault of a child.  I was so scared of spending years in prison for something I didn’t do.  Ms. Garza was referred by a friend.  Upon my first consultation with Ms. Garza, I felt a sense of trust, ease and I knew that she would take care of me no matter what the outcome would be.  She listened to me, she listened to my fears, my concerns and to what the allegations were. She listens to my story.  Because of her work ethic and dedication to ME and my case she was able to get the case DISMISSED.  If you have a criminal case against you, you should consult and hire Ms. Garza she will personally dedicate her time to your case. Thank you for saving my life Ms. Garza!”

Mr. Torres *****

Five Star Review

“I had a charge of Indecency with a Child-Contact case against me.  I hired Ms. Garza to represent me on the case.  I always spoke to Ms. Garza directly when I visited her office and when I called her office.  She always kept me informed of court dates, trial settings and any motions that she would be filling.  She always made it a point to make me feel as though my case was the most important case she had. That made me feel important because this was my life that we were dealing with.  I know she worked very hard on my case because in the end my case was DISMISSED.    Don’t hesitate to hire Ms. Garza on any serious criminal matter that you may have she will take care of you.”

Bazan *****

Five Star Review

“I am doing very well and it is because of you! Thank you so much for all your help, advice, and support. I am so lucky and grateful that I got such a light penalty.”

Tim Z.

Five Star Review

“Thank you so much for believing in my daughter’s case. We could not be more pleased with the outcome and we appreciate all of the work the attorney and staff put into her case. ”

Louis A.

Five Star Review

Great professional and reliable service with fast response times. Highly recommended.

Sasha K.

An Open-Minded and Honest Approach

Navigating through the judicial system or government agencies can be worrisome and intimidating.  Dealing with your lawyer should not be.  Clients of San Antonio immigration Attorney Brigitte Garza rely on her extensive courtroom trial experience and appreciate her thorough, open-minded and honest approach to treating clients.  She treats every client with dignity and respect – no matter what the cause may be.

For almost two decades, she has built a reputation as aggressively advocating for her client efficiently and cost effectively.  Part of her success comes from the fact that her practice focuses on only two areas of the law: Criminal Defense and Immigration Law.

Because we don’t try to be all things to all people, Brigitte Garza Immigration Lawyer and Criminal Lawyer has developed profound knowledge of these areas of the law and can handle very complex situations/cases quickly, competently and in a cost effective manner. Our office is equipped to handle your legal problem effectively, but it is also small enough to provide personal and responsive service.

For further information contact San Antonio Immigration Attorney Brigitte Garza for a free and confidential consultation at 210-227-5700.