federal crimes  defenseProtecting Your Rights in Federal Court

If you face federal crime charges or even if you have been questioned by federal authorities in connection with a crime, it’s important to understand the severity of the situation and act accordingly. Federal crimes are prosecuted far more aggressively than charges by the state, and many federal crimes carry mandatory minimum sentences.

Criminal Defense Attorney Brigitte Garza understands the seriousness of the situation involving federal crimes. She recognizes what it takes to obtain the best possible outcome when dealing with federal agents and prosecutors from the United States Attorney’s Office.

Brigitte Garza is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has experience in Federal Court.

She has almost 20 years criminal defense experience, including extensive experience defending clients at the federal level. Federal charges include:

  • Rico Violations
  • Internet sex crimes/ child pornography
  • Drug trafficking and other drug charges
  • Human Trafficking
  • Illegal Reentry
  • White collar crimes

It’s crucial to have someone on your side when Your Freedom is at Stake.

In addition to more severe penalties, federal charges come with collateral consequences that can affect your immigration status, your right to possess firearms, and your long-term employment opportunities.

“I know what I am looking at when I review and analyze the considerable amounts of information that gets compiled in a federal investigation and prosecution. I also know where these cases tend to breakdown, which helps me construct an effective defense strategy to minimize the impact of federal charges on my clients.”

If you face federal criminal charges, hire a San Antonio felony defense lawyer who has the background and the experience to give you the best possible chance for a positive outcome.

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